International Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance – If the emergency treatment you need is not available locally, we will arrange your evacuation to the best and nearest medical facility.

You can take your cover with you wherever you go. Even if you change your country of residence, your plan will remain the same.

International Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance

Subscribe to get free access to instant and easy medical advice from real doctors. Available via messaging app and 24/7.

What You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

A hospital plan is good for you if you want cover in case of critical illnesses and injuries that require hospitalization.

This plan is good for people who want emergency and outpatient coverage but don’t visit the doctor often. This plan includes a 20% copay for most outpatient care.

Covers 80% of up to $675 in reimbursements for a routine eye exam, child care, and adult physical every 2 years.

$1,000+ in coverage for routine eye exams, child care, and physical exam every 2 years

Img Launches New Plan For Expats & Globally Mobile Citizens, Global Prima Medical Insurance

This plan is for you if you are planning to have a family and want maternity cover in your plan.

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International Medical Insurance

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Global Health Insurance

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that you must enable or disable cookies again each time you visit this website. INDIANAPOLIS, April 6, 2023 // – International Medical Group® (IMG®), an award-winning global insurance benefits and services company, is excited to offer new International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) through the brand They have ALC Health. Global Prima Health Insurance

Provides long-term cover to individuals, families and groups who live or work outside their home country, usually for a year or more.

“We are very pleased to introduce Global Prima health insurance to the global citizen market,” said Kevin Melton, global head of IPMI IMG. “This product was developed through extensive collaboration and research with IMG partners to offer customers the global medical coverage they need, with the world-class services they expect.”

International Travel Insurance For Students

Global Prima has a variety of coverage options that can cover chronic conditions, cancer, complementary medicine, and more to suit customers’ needs and budgets. In addition, Global Prima customers can customize their coverage area and choose from premium payment and cash options. The plan also includes access to IMG’s 24/7 medical helpline for help with claims information, emergency care, treatment advice and more.

“At IMG, we understand that becoming a global citizen is increasingly popular, and we understand the importance of immigrant health care for immigrants,” said Amanda Winkle, Senior – IMG officer. “Our Global Prima health insurance plans feature IMG Safety Solutions designed to proactively address the unique needs of a mobile global citizen. “

International Medical Group® (IMG®), a SiriusPoint company, is a global insurance and support services company that has served millions of members worldwide since its founding in 1990. As a leading provider of travel solutions and health security, IMG offers. a wide range of insurance programs, including international private health insurance, travel health insurance and travel insurance, as well as enterprise services, including insurance administration services and emergency medical assistance, security and travel around the clock IMG’s world-class services, combined with an extensive product portfolio, provide Global Peace of Mind® for travelers, students, missionaries, sea crews and any individual or organization who travels, works or stay far from home. For more information, visit

International Medical Insurance

IMG Wins Travvy Award 2023 for “Best Travel Insurance Provider – Overall” IMG (International Medical Group), an award-winning global insurance benefits and support services company, has been recognized in…

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A Quick Guide To Understanding Travel Insurance

IMG Publishes 2023 Holiday Travel Trends IMG (International Medical Group), an award-winning global insurance benefits and support services company, has conducted a customer review…

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“Whether it’s a growing international business, a missionary organization, or a dedicated volunteer operation that sends people overseas, organizations around the world need global health insurance . Each company on our top 10 list has the best solution for different types of organizations. ” said Joe Cronin, President of Citizens International Insurance. “We evaluated these companies for the first time as more and more small and medium-sized organizations hire remote workers overseas grow their footprint in different countries and looking for guidance in this regard. We are delighted to recognize this year’s winners to help organizations protect the health of our employees and our people around the world world.”

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Organizations that send workers out of the country or hire international workers must protect their health. The best group health insurance plans cover the people of the group so they can focus on doing good in any country around the world. But with so many insurers that have different needs for their clients, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. ICI’s list of leading insurers helps organizations overcome the hassle of finding the right provider for their needs.

Travel Medical Insurance: What You Need To Know Before Buying It

Just because a group health insurance company is rated first does not mean it is the best rate for a particular group’s needs. Every organization is unique and needs a plan that is right for them. Each company on the list has unique strengths that make them suitable for a specific type of organization.

Citizens International Insurance evaluated each company and its associated plan based on six main criteria: the size of their network, the coverage of benefits available in their plans, the availability of additional features such as telemedicine, ease of application, the ability to change. premiums through co-payments and deductibles, and the financial stability of the insurer based on AM. The best rating. The most reliable insurers are Cigna Global, known for its worldwide coverage and extensive network; GeoBlue, which provides rich benefits to US organizations with international employees; and Aetna, known for their easy-to-manage plans for small groups.

To help organizations find global group insurance for their specific needs, Citizens International Insurance has also identified the best plans.

International Medical Insurance

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