Austin Automobile Accident Attorney

Austin Automobile Accident Attorney – The Austin car accident lawyers of the Patel Firm have a proven track record of obtaining legitimate compensation and protecting the interests of clients who have suffered personal injuries due to car accidents.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reports that there have been a total of 12,433 crashes in the city of Austin, and county statistics show that there have been 16,838 crashes in Travis County. With an average of over 30 accidents per day, Austin is no stranger to car accident scenes and many accidents result in serious injuries to various people.

Austin Automobile Accident Attorney

Austin Automobile Accident Attorney

TxDOT also reported that 104 crashes in Austin were fatal crashes, involving 113 deaths, 446 were suspected serious injury crashes, involving 511 suspected serious injuries, and 504 crashes of unknown severity, involving 1,395 unknown injuries. Anyone injured in a car accident or who has had a loved one killed should not hesitate to seek legal representation.

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The Austin car accident lawyers at the Patel Firm help people throughout Texas obtain financial compensation for their losses, and we can negotiate a deal with an insurance company for you so you don’t have to worry about being exploited. Our company understands how complex a car accident claim can be for most people, and we will work closely with you to ensure that you receive some measure of justice.

Many car accident claims will involve the negligence of another driver, and the Patel Firm will know how to help you prove that another driver caused your car accident and should be held responsible for all damages. People in these cases may be entitled to a variety of compensation for their losses, and you will want to make sure you have an attorney on your side who can defend your position.

If you have been injured in a car accident, contact our Austin car accident attorneys at The Patel Firm today at 512-883-5171. We are ready to hear your story. There are no upfront fees and our consultations are always free. If we feel that our services can help you and choose to represent you, we will begin working diligently to obtain the compensation you deserve. need help ? Let’s talk.

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When someone makes a car accident claim, they typically have to prove four things. The four elements include:

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If these four elements are present in your car accident claim, you can move forward in your efforts to receive fair compensation.

An important part of your car accident claim is accurately representing your total losses. Aside from physical damage to your vehicle, this damage generally falls into several categories.

One of the biggest financial losses you may face is probably related to the medical care you need. A serious accident can result in significant medical expenses, but even a relatively minor accident can leave you with significant medical expenses. One important thing to keep in mind about your medical expenses is that serious injuries can turn into serious secondary medical problems and ongoing medical expenses. Establishing the potential overall cost of your health care visit is vital to your recovery and is a task that is best handled by an experienced Austin car accident attorney. Common medical costs associated with serious car accidents include:

Austin Automobile Accident Attorney

Another financial loss commonly associated with car accidents is lost income due to time lost from work. As you recover from your physical injuries, it is very likely that this will result in a loss of income, and if your ability to do your job is affected, this can lead to even more serious financial setbacks that also have an emotional component. may involve. Many of us value our careers highly, and a loss of this nature can be especially difficult to recover from.

Why You Need An Austin Auto Accident Lawyer On Speed Dial

Car accidents are violent and terrifying events, and if you have been injured in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, it can result in debilitating pain and suffering. The psychological effects of the pain and suffering you endure may include:

Although it can be difficult to accurately assess the damages you suffered due to someone else’s negligence, it is essential to your ability to fully recover, and it is best to leave this task in the capable hands of a qualified Austin attorney. Accident lawyer.

You were involved in a car accident and were injured due to the negligence of another driver, which means you will file a car accident lawsuit with the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company. Although the insurance company is responsible for appropriately covering your losses after a car accident, this responsibility often outweighs the company’s focus on profitability. Thus, you will need to present your strongest claim and negotiate skillfully (both jobs best suited for your car accident lawyer) so that you can receive the compensation you deserve and regain your health and well-being. Is necessary to do. -Happen.

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You can trust the insurance company to be good at what they do, keeping settlements like yours as low as possible, and they have plenty of tools for this.

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A bolder move some insurance companies are trying is to deny legitimate car accident claims outright. The hope here is that you are too overwhelmed and insecure to respond.

You are injured, facing excessive medical expenses in the event of loss of income and – in short – are as vulnerable as possible. The insurance company is well aware of your situation and may step in with a quick settlement offer that is surprisingly low but which you may be quite eager to accept. Once you sign an agreement, your legal options disappear and you are committed to this negotiation, no matter the financial implications. It is a good rule of thumb not to accept a car accident settlement offer until you have reviewed it with a car accident attorney who is familiar with your claim.

The insurance company may try to pass the fault on to you as the policyholder. Because of their insecurities, many accident victims immediately submit to the authority of the insurance company and give up. The truth is that the insurance company is not the final authority on the matter, and your Austin car accident attorney can help you evaluate all the evidence and make sure he or she concisely establishes the other motorist’s negligence in the case. . Additionally – in the state of Texas – you are not prohibited from seeking compensation after an accident for which you are responsible. As long as you are not more than 50% at fault, you can claim the percentage of your damages for which the other driver is responsible.

Austin Automobile Accident Attorney

Another of the insurance company’s greatest successes is to artificially prolong and/or complicate the accident process. There are actually laws in place to prohibit this practice, but unless you resist it, it can put you in an even worse situation. The insurance company is hoping that you will succumb to the pressure and simply give up or settle for much less than you deserve.

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It is not unusual for insurance companies to question the seriousness of the losses suffered by claimants. Your personal injury attorney will skillfully gather evidence to support the damages described in your claim to help derail the insurance company’s efforts. However, there are some steps you can take from the beginning to protect your claim from such an effort.

The fact is that once you file an accident claim with the insurance company, they will make every effort to minimize the financial impacts. This means that the insurance company is going to do some research – looking for anything that can help strengthen its position that your loss is less severe than your claim. The type of evidence the insurance company is looking for may not seem like much to you, but once they put their unique spin on it, it could prove detrimental to your claim. Therefore, there are several practices you should keep in mind while moving forward with the claims process.

It is human nature to apologize at the accident site after being involved in an accident – ​​not because you feel you are responsible for the accident, but because you are obviously sorry that the accident happened. The insurance company can take such a comment and turn it into an actual admission of guilt. It would be better for you to suppress your desire to apologize. Additionally, you may feel compelled to discuss the accident on the spot – after all, it was a remarkably frightening and dangerous experience that may have left you in a state of shock. However, it is wise to keep your comments to yourself after a car accident (as far as you are able). the less raw material

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