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Automobile Accident Attorney Michigan – There is an old saying that “driving is a privilege, not a right,” because operating a vehicle involves a certain amount of responsibility and attention. According to the International Association for Safe Road Travel, there are more than 38,000 deaths in car accidents each year in the United States. The death rate from car accidents is 12.4 per 100,000 people. There are various reasons why a person can get into a car accident, some examples include carelessness, not obeying traffic laws, roads with no infrastructure, negligence of other drivers, etc. . A Michigan car accident attorney can help you understand Michigan traffic laws, your rights, and whether you deserve compensation.

Michigan has no fault insurance unless the owner’s vehicle is insured. This type of insurance pays for medical expenses, wage loss benefits, replacement, and other people’s property damage regardless of who caused the accident. Basic no-fault insurance does not pay for personal repairs. This means that many car accident claims often go through insurance, unless the claims occur under no-fault insurance. When this happens, litigation may occur; however, the state of Michigan also recognizes comparative negligence where the recovery of damages is reduced based on the plaintiff’s negligence. That statute of limitations for a car accident in Michigan is three years.

Automobile Accident Attorney Michigan

Automobile Accident Attorney Michigan

Car accident injuries are unpredictable, and some can appear hours after an accident, which is why people contact an accident attorney as soon as possible. Another issue is that the other driver may suddenly decide to file a lawsuit, so hiring an accident attorney is very important. Not only that, but Michigan no-fault insurance is difficult to navigate and laws change. A Michigan car accident attorney can negotiate with an insurance company on behalf of the plaintiff to try and get the maximum amount of compensation. An accident lawyer may also collect evidence and submit documents to their client.

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A Michigan car accident attorney is a helpful resource and guide when dealing with the complexities of the law. Their goal is to help you get compensation for your claim. When it comes to your local attorneys, Nolan & Shafer, PLC., has a combined 95 years of experience and has obtained numerous settlements, some exceeding one million dollars. Contact us today at (231) 722-2444 for a free consultation.

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DISCLAIMER: This blog is provided for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice. Every situation is different, if you have been injured, please call (231) 722-2444 for personalized advice. If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident, you may still be able to pursue compensation for your injuries. Although these car accidents can be very difficult to navigate, a hit and run accident attorney with Lipton Law is ready to help.

If the driver is found at fault, you can recover damages through a lawsuit (if found) or through a fault insurance claim (not found). Our personal injury attorneys can help you file your insurance claim or lawsuit to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Schedule a free consultation with Lipton Law by calling 248-557-1688 to understand your legal options after a hit and run accident.

What To Do After A Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault In Michigan

Typically, car accidents involve the parties involved exchanging contact and insurance information and notifying the police of the accident. However, hit-and-run accidents are different because the at-fault driver flees the scene before notifying the other driver or the property owner.

Leaving the scene of a car accident is against the law and can result in fines and jail time. Despite the harsh penalties, these accidents happen all the time and leave victims with medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.

There are many reasons why a driver may flee the scene of a car accident. They may be drunk, driving without insurance, or have other legal issues to worry about.

Automobile Accident Attorney Michigan

It may be hard to understand why someone would flee the scene of an accident, but unfortunately, it happens all the time. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported more than 2,500 deaths in hit-and-run accidents in 2019, a 26% increase from the previous year. Of the 6,516 pedestrian deaths in 2019, 1,582 were caused by hit and runs. That same year, 202 cyclists were killed by hit-and-run drivers.

How Soon Do I Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident In Nebraska?

In Michigan, the statistics for hit-and-run accidents are alarming. More than 34,600 hit and runs in 2018 contributed to more than 10% of the total number of motor vehicle accidents statewide.

When a driver hits another vehicle or pedestrian or damages property and flees the scene, they can face severe penalties under Michigan law. Michigan Vehicle Code 257.618 states that if a person believes they have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, they must remain at the scene until they meet the requirements set forth in Michigan Vehicle Code 257.619. These requirements include sharing information with other drivers and providing information to law enforcement.

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If a hit-and-run collision results in serious bodily injury, the at-fault driver can be charged with a felony and face a maximum fine of $5,000 and up to 5 years in prison. If the accident results in death, the penalty increases to 15 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

If a hit-and-run accident damages only one vehicle and does not cause injury or death, the responsible driver may be charged with a misdemeanor. Penalties for hit and run violations can be up to 90 days in jail and a $100 fine.

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Because Michigan has no-fault insurance, car accident victims should be able to recover some compensation. Anyone injured in a hit-and-run accident is entitled to no-fault benefits, even if they don’t own a car or have insurance. In addition to drivers, these benefits apply to commuters, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Damages covered by no-fault insurance are medical bills, care services, lost wages, and other accident-related benefits. After your hit and run accident, a car accident attorney from Lipton Law will help you complete the necessary paperwork to receive no-fault benefits. Once the paperwork is done, your attorney will make sure you get your benefits right away.

Filing a lawsuit against a drunk driver can be a challenge. Until the driver is found, prosecution becomes impossible. However, if the police find the driver at fault, you can sue the person responsible for the damage. The driver will also face a felony charge of fleeing the scene of the accident.

Automobile Accident Attorney Michigan

Whether or not the driver was identified, accident victims can still receive no-fault benefits. If the driver is not at the scene, individuals can also benefit from uninsured motorist coverage if they have coverage for personal injury protection. Anyone involved in a hit-and-run who wants to take advantage of uninsured motorist coverage must submit a copy of the police report with their insurance claim. It is imperative to act quickly as any delay may result in loss of benefits.

Admitting Fault In A Car Accident

Auto accident claim settlements can vary depending on several factors. In determining the amount, the severity of the injuries and the medical treatment received are evaluated. Other factors that will affect the amount of your settlement are the length of time you have been out of work and whether you have suffered any permanent disability.

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If you can file a claim with the uninsured motorist, you may be able to recover the same damages as the driver. Damages in uninsured motorist claims include mental suffering, loss of earning capacity, disability, and more. Even if the driver is not at fault, working with an experienced hit and run attorney can help you navigate the insurance claims process. Your Lipton law attorney will ensure that your insurance company pays fair compensation for your injuries.

After a hit and run car accident, you may be in shock and unsure of what to do. We’ve listed important steps to take after your accident that can help improve your chances of finding the at-fault driver and strengthen your potential personal injury claim.

Working with the hit and run car accident attorneys at Lipton Law can increase your chances of getting maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Even if the driver can’t be found, our attorneys can work with your insurance company to make sure they don’t get caught paying the settlement amount.

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If you were involved in an accident, you have three years to file a lawsuit, according to Michigan Compiled Laws 600.5805. The three-year clock starts ticking from the time the accident occurred, so it’s important to contact a Michigan hit and run attorney as soon as possible.

The three-year statute does not apply to uninsured and no-fault claims. You’ll need to act fast to take advantage of these points, as time is short. Note that insurance companies often require a police report within 24 hours to qualify for uninsured benefits.

The compensation awarded to a car accident victim can vary, but Michigan offers three different categories of damages. As mentioned above, the amount of your settlement will be determined by the different circumstances of each case. You can be confident that when you use Lipton Law in your hit and run cases, our legal team will do everything possible to recover compensation for your injuries.

Automobile Accident Attorney Michigan

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