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Insure A Car – Are you planning to drive in Germany? Find out what type of insurance you need with this handy guide to car insurance in Germany.

Germany has a strong automotive industry, with most residents owning and driving cars on a regular basis. Like other European countries, Germany requires minimum car insurance coverage and additional options are available.

Insure A Car

Insure A Car

Looking for car insurance in Germany? Enjoy peace of mind when you travel with AXA. You can get the best coverage for your vehicle by customizing premiums to suit your driving needs. If you want to get insurance before you hit Germany’s famous autobahn, see how AXA can help.

Vehicle Insurance In Germany

) is mandatory for all drivers in Germany. If you’re driving in Germany, you’ll need at least minimum third-party liability insurance on your car to register it and get German number plates. Your insurance policy should always be in your car.

Germany has one of the largest auto insurance markets in Europe and the largest automotive market in the entire continent. According to Insurance Europe statistics for 2016, there are about 90 car insurance companies in the country. They include:

Like many European countries, Germany requires you to have car insurance, not driver insurance. However, some comprehensive policies allow multiple drivers to insure the same vehicle.

Many German insurers allow you to take out a second vehicle policy under the same policy. This allows parents in Germany to insure vehicles owned by their children as a second car.

Car Insurance Liability, Collision (how I Saved Premium)

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) regulates Germany’s insurance market, and most companies operate under the supervision of the German Insurance Association.

Drivers from EU/EFTA countries can use their country’s insurance. People from outside the EU can use their country’s insurance if they have an international permanent residence permit.

This is the minimum level of coverage required for German drivers. It covers damages to other vehicles, including medical expenses, in the event of an accident. However, it will be free for you.

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Insure A Car

It covers all costs included in third party coverage and some costs associated with damage to your vehicle, including theft, fire and storm damage. However, expenses related to property damage or accidents caused by your negligence are not covered.

Car Insurance And Registration Card Holder

As the name suggests, this covers the entire cost, including damages to you and other vehicles, in the event of an accident caused by your fault. part

Due to the wide coverage, it is the most expensive type of insurance. Some new car dealers consider this a minimum policy.

As in other regions, the cost of car insurance in Germany is determined by a number of factors, including:

You can reduce your annual premium in a number of ways, including paying a higher excess/deductible (the amount you pay on a claim), paying the full annual amount or reactivating your no-claims bonus.

What Costs Are Covered By Car Insurance? It Depends

Due to the various factors involved in the calculation of costs, insurance premiums in Germany can vary dramatically, from around €100 per year for third-party cover on a cheap or used car to over €1,000 per year for the highest level full cover. line model. .

In Germany, you can take out an additional form of car insurance. Most insurance companies offer a variety of add-ons, including:

) This scheme qualifies for drivers who have driven for more than a year without claiming the annual discount.

Insure A Car

Often you can transfer the no-loss period from another insurance company, including overseas companies. If you are moving to Germany from abroad and wish to transfer your no-claims bonus, we recommend that you request a letter from your relocation insurer confirming the no-claims period.

Car Insurance Sign Icon Or Logo With Care Vector Image

Companies often fine drivers with bad driving records. An increase in insurance premiums is expected in the following cases:

There are around 90 car insurance providers in Germany, so it’s a good idea to shop around to find the best deal. The most popular companies are:

When buying car insurance in Germany, there are many factors to consider in addition to the cost of the premium. They may include:

Most insurance companies allow you to purchase insurance online. If you do, you will receive your insurance details electronically within 24 hours.

Internet Marketing Company: How Much Car Insurance Coverage Drivers Do Actually Need?

If you need to make a claim with your insurance company, you should contact them as soon as possible. Accident claims must be filed within two weeks of the accident. You must:

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You will need to send the relevant information to your insurance company and they will advise you if you need to provide further information. Claims must be resolved within 3 months. Insurers usually settle costs directly with the companies involved (for example, car repair shops).

If you need to make a claim with another party’s insurance company and they haven’t given you their insurance details, you can give your car insurance company’s head office their number plate so we can find it. This central office can also provide you with the information you need about insurance claims representatives in other EU member states if you have been involved in an accident in another EU country.

Insure A Car

Please note that many German car insurance policies renew automatically. If you want to cancel your contract or switch to another provider, you usually need at least one month’s notice.

Temporary Car Insurance: Short Term Cover

According to the Compulsory Insurance Act (Chapter 5/2), German insurance companies are obliged to accept applications for car insurance. However, there are cases when an insurance offer may be rejected, for example, if the applicant has previously purchased insurance and violated the terms of the contract.

If you feel that your car insurance company in Germany has treated you unfairly, or you are not satisfied with their services, you can file a formal complaint. Here are the steps to do so:

There are two major car clubs that provide breakdown and recovery services across the country. ADAC basic membership costs €54 per year, with more expensive premium membership benefits also available.

You can call the German roadside assistance service free of charge on the roadside emergency number. If there is an accident, call the police on 110 or the ambulance on 112. Also remember that it is forbidden to leave the scene of an accident without help.

How Does Car Insurance Work?

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Insure A Car

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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies (november 2023)

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