Travel Insurance Uk

Travel Insurance Uk – We’ve all heard the horror stories of people who need emergency medical treatment abroad and then end up paying a bill running into thousands of pounds. According to the Association of British Travel Agents, one in four people still travel abroad without travel insurance.

Last year 154,000 people claimed on their travel insurance for emergency medical treatment. The average claim was £1,300 but some claims were much higher, up to thousands of pounds. There were also 159,000 claims for canceled holidays and numerous claims for lost and stolen luggage.

Travel Insurance Uk

Travel Insurance Uk

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average annual travel insurance policy costs around £37 (less if you only need a single-trip policy), making travel insurance essential for anyone traveling abroad.

Coronavirus Travel Insurance: Who Has The Best ‘covid Cover’?

If you’re going on any type of activity holiday you’ll need a policy that provides cover for it.

If you have some travel insurance through your bank, credit card, household contents insurance policy or private health insurance policy it is worth looking carefully at what is actually covered as it is often inadequate.

For example, this type of insurance often covers only very serious medical emergencies such as the loss of a limb or an accident that results in permanent disability or death. So if you break your leg, get food poisoning or sprain your wrist on the ski slopes, your doctor, hospital and rehabilitation costs will not be covered.

You may only have limited cover for your luggage and may not be entitled to any compensation if your transit is delayed or your holiday is cancelled.

How To Find Cheap Travel Insurance

If you’re traveling to the European Economic Area (this is all the countries in the EU and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland, make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as this gives you the same level of health insurance as the state. Entitles you to health care provided as a resident of the country you are visiting. Not all countries have the same healthcare as you get in the UK and they may charge but at least you won’t be paying more than the locals. Your insurer may also insist that you use your EHIC if you receive treatment in the EEA or Switzerland.

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Although it is good to have an EHIC, it is not a substitute for travel insurance because it may not cover all your medical care costs and if you need an air ambulance or a quick flight home in an emergency, It will not cover the cost of getting you home. ,

If you’d like to know more about what we’re up to, please enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter. Most of us would say a few things about travel worries: having a serious accident, getting stuck. Your personal property (or even your passport) gets lost or stolen in a foreign hospital, for a long period of time, or while you are away.

Travel Insurance Uk

Most travel insurance covers these basic risks as standard, but sometimes cheaper providers offer lower payment limits – which can be a problem if you get into serious trouble abroad. Make sure you know how much travel cover is provided and how much extra you are expected to contribute.

Best Travel Insurance Providers

To help you compare travel insurance, we have prepared a table comparing our policies with some other well-known travel insurance providers. We’ve limited this comparison to annual travel insurance policies, and looked at some of the key areas of cover you’ll need to consider when choosing your provider.

While a typical policy might ask for a flat contribution of £25 (annual) or £50 (single-trip), many other insurers vary the extra amount you pay for different types of claims. Are. Make sure you’re aware of the standard excess on your travel insurance policy, and you’ll avoid any unpleasant shocks when you’re at your most vulnerable.

If you are planning on doing any activity that may involve a high level of risk, make sure you check with your insurer whether you are covered for them to avoid breaching the policy. Winter sports are fun but they also come with a high risk of personal accident, which is why most insurance companies charge extra premiums to cover these activities – but don’t! We cover winter sports as standard, with no limits on how many days you can spend on the slopes.

If you’re planning on cycling abroad, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected from the risks involved. Under personal items, most travel insurance companies exclude cycling, or do not agree to cover cycling as an activity, meaning that if you are injured while cycling you may be covered for medical expenses. Will not be able to claim for it. Multi-trip travel insurance, on the other hand, covers cycling and will cover your bicycle up to £1,000 against damage or vandalism. Our single-trip policy will cover your bicycle up to £500. If you’re looking for year-round protection, or if your bike costs more than £1,000, you might be better off considering cycle insurance, which covers up to 90 days of cycling per year in Europe and 45 days worldwide. Covers.

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Just Travel Cover

With some insurers, past medical conditions may affect your ability to get full annual travel insurance cover – or you may have to pay a hefty extra premium. As one of the few insurers it is rare to cover any pre-existing medical conditions unless they have changed in the last twelve months and you tell us about them in advance*.

If you have a medical condition that has been recently diagnosed, or as described above, has changed in the last twelve months, we recommend, who can provide quotes tailored to your individual medical needs. Will be able to. Before setting off, it is essential to take out travel insurance with coronavirus cover. Although restrictions have eased, it’s important to make safety arrangements to feel comfortable if something unexpected happens before your trip or while you’re away.

Holiday mode is back on. Dust off your passport and prepare your suitcase. With restrictions easing and the world becoming more accessible again, it’s time to book a much-needed break. Whether it’s an escape into the sun, a sabbatical traveling around the world or a weekend city break, it’s time to rekindle your passion for the world.

Travel Insurance Uk

All of our policies offer some form of COVID-19 protection including; Cancellation cover if you become redundant or are found to be coronavirus positive before departure, and emergency medical cover if you fall ill abroad and require treatment or need to get home quickly. If you want more coronavirus protection for your trip, you can also purchase our optional COVID-19 extension.

Travel Insurance Infographic

If you’re an existing Alpha customer and want to understand how coronavirus may affect your policy, take a look at our Coronavirus FAQ for more information.

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If you’re like us, you buy a new wardrobe every time you go on holidays, plus straighteners, chargers, cosmetics, those fancy sunnies you bought in duty free last year, the list goes on. That’s why all our Alfa policies come with £1,500 of personal cover should it be lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. We also include a few pounds to buy essential items if there is a delay in your luggage reaching you during the journey! Check your policy wording for full details.

Holidays can sometimes be quite expensive, so if you have to cancel due to reasons beyond your control such as a medical emergency, you must have the right cancellation cover. Alfa understands this, and we don’t want you to miss out on holidays and your hard-earned and saved cash; That’s why our policies have cancellation cover of £1,250 per insured person. Check the wording of your policy to see what is covered under it.

If you are unlucky enough to become injured during your trip, we are here to help. From our crisis support team to legal aid. All of our Alpha policies offer a free 30-minute consultation with a legal expert who can advise on next steps as well as covering legal costs up to £10,000 if you are injured abroad. Check your policy wording for more details.

Coronavirus Travel Insurance Cover

If you are planning on doing any specific activities on your trip, you will need to make sure these are included in our activity packs. Pack 1 is included free with all policies, but if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you may need to purchase an additional pack…

Single trip travel insurance is ideal for multiple holidays; Whether you’re going for a quick break in the city or going on a wonderful two-week sunny holiday.

There is no upper age limit with the Alpha Single Trip policy, up to 100 activities are covered and trips can range from 3 days to 94 days.

Travel Insurance Uk

Please note that our policies are mandatory

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