Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance – GIO caravan insurance provides policyholders with a range of benefits, including cover for the caravan itself, its contents and any personal belongings. We also cover accidental damage, storm and water damage, fire and theft and offer a 24-hour emergency hotline. In addition, our comprehensive coverage includes up to $20 million in public liability insurance, so you can be sure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

GIO caravan insurance is designed to cover your caravan in the event of an accident, theft or natural disaster. It can also cover the cost of repairs, replacements and any contents inside the train.

Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance

If you want to insure your caravan, there are several different types of insurance policies to choose from. Here is a brief explanation of the different types of caravan insurance and what they cover.

How Much Is Rv Insurance? (2023)

This is the highest level of cover you can get for your caravan. It covers damage to your train due to accidents, weather events, fire, theft and vandalism. It also gives you liability cover if someone is injured while on your property or if you damage someone else’s property with your caravan.

This type of policy covers damage to your caravan caused by events such as weather and fire. It does not provide liability and does not cover any fault damage.

This policy covers damage caused to other people’s property by your caravan. It does not cover damage to your ships or damage to people in your area.

Insuring your caravan is a great way to protect yourself financially in the event of an accident or other unforeseen event. Be sure to compare different policies and coverage levels before choosing the right one. CIL has supported Australian caravan and RV owners since it was founded in 1962. They are Australia’s leading caravan and RV insurance specialists.

Rv Insurance Agent Near Me

To arrange a free no-obligation quotation, let us know that you would like us to arrange for a CIL representative to contact you.

Or feel free to contact them directly at CIL on 1800 112 481 during their business hours. Let them know you were sent by us – please quote our agent number 61861603.

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Explorer Caravan Sales Adelaide is authorized to provide trading services for certain financial products on behalf of AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 (AAI) trading as CIL Insurance. For more information about our arrangement with CIL Insurance, see the Disclosure Document. The above information is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion regarding any financial product. AAI is the distributor of CIL brand products. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statements available at before purchasing. Target market determination is also available on their website.

Caravan Insurance

For more information on new and used motorhomes and RVs, accessories, maintenance, financing and insurance, simply contact us using the form below and we’ll get back to you.

Caravan Insurance Quote

*The information provided by the calculator is for reference only and is not a legal or binding statement. It is general in nature, based on the accuracy of the information you provide and does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances. Nothing on this website is and should not be construed as legal, tax or financial advice. Before making a decision about any of the products and services offered on this website, you should consult your own independent legal, tax and financial advisors who can advise you on your individual circumstances. Terms, fees and charges apply. The most obvious benefit of a comprehensive caravan insurance policy is financial protection. if something goes wrong, you won’t face a huge repair bill. Knowing that your stationary or touring caravan is in safe hands means you can focus on enjoying your holiday rather than worrying about what will happen if you have an accident or damage.

For stationary van owners, our policies have other great benefits such as protection against loss of employment and cover for legal expenses. This includes cover for disputes between caravan owners and site operators. Meanwhile, our caravan insurance has European cover, impact protection and optional canopy cover.

Whether you own a stationary or touring caravan, taking out insurance is the best way to protect your holiday home or vehicle from accidents, damage, loss and theft.

As a specialist caravan insurer, Coast understands how important an investment your caravan is and how important it is to make sure it’s covered if something goes wrong. When you get a caravan insurance ticket from us, we will give you our best possible price without compromising on cover.

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Caravan Insurance From £70

Our policy is smartly designed with caravans in mind. We offer two types of insurance: “new old” and “market value”.

New classic cover is available for static caravans up to 20 years old and touring caravans up to 10 years old, market value cover is offered for static and touring caravans up to 20 and 15 years old.

We have been providing caravan insurance for over 20 years and have thousands of satisfied policyholders across the UK.

Caravan Insurance

Our caravan insurance policies offer the best protection for your stationary caravan or holiday caravan, with comprehensive cover, and a range of additional cover options, giving you the ability to customize your policy to suit your specific needs.

Pet Cover: Let’s Go Caravan Insurance

We have policies and services tailored to your needs. Whether your stationary caravan or holiday caravan is used by you alone, or let out to others including family and friends, or as a commercial enterprise,

Car insurance is not mandatory. However, the cost of the insurance premium is a small amount to pay compared to the liabilities you may face if your motorhome is involved in an accident, damage or other disaster.

If the policy details on each caravan insurance product page do not answer your questions, a member of our customer service team will be happy to help you on Freephone 0800 614 849.

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we aim to provide you with information and advice on all aspects of caravan life. The Useful Information section of our website contains many interesting articles relating to caravan insurance and safety which can help reduce the risks of your stationary or touring caravan.

Save On Caravan Insurance

There are a number of discounts you may be eligible for. Contact our sales team today for a caravan insurance quote.

Caravan customers can save money if they are members of a caravan club. We also offer discounted rates for caravans for permanent residences.

To help you learn more about our caravan insurance, we have divided our website into product pages for each type of insurance we offer. For more on our regular FAQ click here Find towing tips, ways to keep your children and pets safe in caravans and downloadable checklists here.

Caravan Insurance

“Most people don’t use their caravan all year round so why insure it that way? Let’s Go Caravan Insurance offers its customers “Lay Up Cover”.

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Sgic Caravan Insurance Ensure Your Travel Plans

You can get a discount on your caravan insurance each month if you advise us not to use your caravan.

Your caravan is still covered for any loss arising from accidental damage, fire and theft if your caravan is within the gates, walls or fences of your home or in an agreed area as stated in your policy. And the leap months allow you to travel the highways and roads to your next vacation destination.

The Lay Up Option gives you a discount of 4% per month for choosing your annual premium at the time specified in your policy plan.

This cover (and associated discounts) does not apply and is not available if your caravan is your normal home.

Does Caravan Insurance Cover Damp?

Disclaimer: Before deciding to purchase Let’s Go Caravan Insurance, please read the PDS to ensure that the cover suits your needs. Please visit the Let’s Go Caravan website for a copy of the PDS;

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Temporary accommodation of up to $100 per day (up to 7 days) if you are 100km or more from home and your caravan is uninhabitable following an event covered by your policy.

Caravan Insurance

If you remain a member, you’ll save even more on selected products with the Annual Membership discount.*

Complete Caravan Insurance Buyers Guide

Get two or more qualifying policies and save 10% on each, including home and auto insurance.*

With a Touring Caravan Insurance policy you will be covered for a number of activities. Here’s a summary of what’s included.

Up to $1,000 cover for emergency transport and accommodation if your caravan or trailer is unusable due to an incident we have agreed to cover and you are more than 100km from home.

This is just a summary of what motorhome insurance covers. More

Common Caravan Insurance Claims

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